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Forest School at St. Patrick's Catholic Primary School

Our Forest School Leaders, Julie and Nessie, have thoroughly enjoyed delivering an Autumn programme of Forest School as an After School Club for the children on St. Patrick's.

The sessions were open to children in Years 1 to Year 6.

Within the programme the children had the time to play and explore freely in their school's expansive woodland area  - which  was a first for many of them.

Among lots of other activities they enjoyed hunting for fungi, which lead to using identification sheets, books and apps to name them and learn about them. In each session, different tools were introduced including, palm drills, securters and stubby hammers.  The children learnt how to use and handle these safely and how to make their own risk assessments.

The mud kitchen resources were always a hit - especially when transformed into a potion making station.

As the nights drew in, and the woodland became darker, the children were given the opportunity to learn fire lighting skills with flint and steels, and we enjoyed fires in the firepit for warmth, light and (of course) tasty treats!

Photos from Forest School After School Club 

Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four

Week Five

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