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Festive Forest School

Our 5 to 11 year olds got in to the Christmas spirit at Forest School. As always they enjoyed the freedom of playing in the natural environment, especially climbing trees and creating structure and shelters high up. Rope swings and ladders were built, with some of are regular attenders perfecting the Marlin Spike Hitch knot and pulley system. 

Some chose to practice their fire lighting skills, using flint and steels, risk assessing and demonstrating our safe firepit position. 

The creative among them created Christmas decorations using natural resources and others chose to learn how to make a candle by melting bees wax over the fire and pouring it into a hold dug in the mud (and they didn't realise they were experiencing the science learning of changing states of matter!).

A highlight for all was the tasty campfire treats - apple slices baked in sugar and cinnamon and chocolate bananas all went well with a cup of hot chocolate!

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